Anti-oxidant effect proved by Nitric oxide assay, DPPH assay

Verdura cell repair cream decreases cell senescence which leads to DNA damage in response to elevated reactive oxygen species (ROS). This benefit is desired for Psoriatic skin.


Verdura Cell Repair Cream IC 50 value at 20 mg/ml
Absorbic acid (positive control) IC 50 value at 1.52 mg/ml

Inhibits DPPH with IC 50 value of 20 mg/ml


Test Details % of Nitrate Production
Only LPS (Positive Control) 73
LPS + 50 mg of cell repair cream 32
Untreated cells 22

Inhibits the production of NO with IC 50 value of 32 mg/ml

Elastase inhibition assay,collagenase inhibition assay,anti glycation assay, Prove that Verdura cell repair cream

  • Acts against Elastase and Collagenase enzymes which worsen dry skin conditions.
  • Possess Anti - glycation effect to retard free radicals and inflammatory responses of the skin.

Elastase Assay

Conc of Product mg/ml % inhibition of Elastase
50 29
40 18

Anti-glycation Assay

Verdura Cell Repair Cream 50 mg/ml
Arbutin (positive control) 2.0 mg/ml

Showed Anti glycation activity at 50 mg/ml

Collagenase inhibition Assay

Products Concentration % inhibition of collagenase
Verdura Cell Repair Cream 50 mg/ml 20 %
Epi gallo catechin gallate (positive control) 250 um (0.114 mg/ml) 40 %

Showed collagenase inhibition at 50 mg/ml

Verdura cell repair cream did not show any cytotoxic effects
(MTT assay)

% inhibition of cell proliferation

Verdura cell repair cream is completely non-irritant when compared with SLS (Zein protein hydrolysis)

% zein protein hydrolysis

Significant reduction in Eyes crow’s feet and elbow wrinkles in 30-day usage of Verdura cell repair cream

Eyes Crow's Feet

Before (0th day)

After 30 days treatment

Elbow Wrinkles

Before (0th day)

After 30 days treatment

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