Significant decline of Propionibacterium acnes ( microbes causing pimples) and effective inhibition of its regeneration even after 72 hours of washing off of Verdura anti acne pack from skin in the in vitro study correlates with the remission of pimples in the clinical study done with 12 volunteers

significant decline of Propionibacterium acnes

Effective inhibiton of Propionibacterium acnes regeneration

24 hrs

72 hrs

Clinically proven to offer sun protection and water resistance

  • Proof of skin adhesion of pack and its water resistance effect was established by measuring sun-induced erythema.
  • The pack was applied and washed after 5 minutes and the skin was exposed to sun.

Proof of skin adhesion and water resistance through
erythema reduction



The treated skin did not have erythema (due to sun exposure) confirming the skin adhesion and water resistance effect of Verdura anti acne pack.

Clinically proven to clear pimples in 3 weeks.

Study done on 12 volunteers showed decrease in

  • pimples

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