Mela gain cream

Verdura mela gain cream

75 gm

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Distinctive ingredients –Distinctive benefits


Psoralea corylifolia

  • Contains psoralens that accelerates the photo oxidation of DOPA and promotes pigmentation


Wrightia tinctoria

  • Augments healing properties of skin


Indigofera tinctoria

  • Contains rich source of pigment indigo and is a natural colouring agent


Eclipta alba

  • Possess tanning compounds and ascorbic acid which help in natural tanning of skin


Emblica officinalis

  • Potent anti-oxidant and provides protection against oxidative stress


Calamine, Bentonite and Zinc oxide

  • Increase the adhesion of the cream on to the skin. Ensure complete and sustained release of herbal actives and offer sun protection


Liquid paraffin, Cetosteryl alcohol, Micro Crystalline Wax, Glycerin, Petroleum jelly, Silicon oil,Stearic acid, Calamine, Bentonite, Allantoin, Ethylene glycol distearate, Polysorbate-60 (Span 60),PEG-4 (PEG 200), Triethanolamine, Zinc oxide, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Titanium oxide,Wrightia tinctoria, Indigofera tinctoria, Eclipta alba, Psoralea corylifolia, Emblica officinalis,Demineralised  water, Perfume

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