I am concerned about the safety of the products – Are there studies done on the safety of the Verdura range of products?

Verdura range of products are scientifically proven to be safe for long term use. We have studied extensively on the safety by clinical studies and cell lines. i.e Skin irritancy, Skin sensitization (in human volunteers) and Fibroblast toxicity and zein protein hydrolysis (Cell lines) have been done on all the products.

Why do VERDURA range of products contain herbal ingredients? What is the importance of the same?

Verdura range of specialized products is aimed to reach out the distinctive benefits of select herbs along with the other non-herbal ingredients so that the consumer can receive the unique advantages of both.

How was the name VERDURA coined?

The word Verdura means freshness and greenery. VERDURA as a brand name is an adaption of Verdure – a brand that brings fresh perspective to products with distinctive herbal ingredients that have distinctive benefits.

Which are the countries where VERDURA range is available?

Verdura range is available in Phillipines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Yemen, UK, Mauritius and Maldives.

VERDURA is not available in my country. I am interested in importing VERDURA range of products in my country. What should I do?

Please visit the ‘About us’ page in this website where a form named ‘Be our importer’ is available. You can also write to us at support@verduracare.com giving all your details.

Can I order for VERDURA range online?

Verdura range can be ordered online through the e commerce site www.caredurastore.com

What are the certifications does VERDURA have?

All the VERDURA products have ISO 9001:2008 and HALAL certification

What are the benefits that Verdura cell repair cream offer?

Verdura cell repair cream works at cellular level and balances the hydro-lipophilicity of skin, increases moisturization and delays skin ageing. Thus, it is very helpful for dry skin conditions and dry skin associated with problems like Psoriasis.

Can this product be used as an anti-ageing cream?

Yes, it will help in decreasing the elastase-enzyme responsible for skin ageing and scavenges free radicals, which induces ageing process).

Are there any scientific studies to support the claims?

Yes, sufficient scientific studies have been done on Verdura cell repair cream for its benefits by elastase inhibition assay, collagenease inhibition assay, anti-oxidant effect and anti-glycation effect.

For which condition can Psoronorm cell repair oil be used for?

Psoronorm cell repair oil can be ideally applied on extensive patches of dry and scaly skin. It is helpful for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Can Psoronorm cell repair oil be applied instead of liquid paraffin? What is the benefit the product offers?

Yes, Psoronorm cell repair oil can be used instead of liquid paraffin. It works at skin level. It reduces trans epidermal water loss and delays skin aging. It scavenges the free radicals.

How many times can I apply Psoronorm cell repair oil on my body every day? Is it safe for regular use?

Yes, Psoronorm cell repair oil is safe to use for long term. Apply Psoronorm cell repair oil thrice a day for better benefits.

Is there any scientific studies done on Psoronorm cell repair oil for its activities?

Yes, many studies are done on Psoronorm cell repair oil i.e Anti-oxidant assay, collagenase assay, Anti-glycation assay, elastase inhibition assay which scientifically proves the benefits of the product.

There are so many mild bathing bars available in market. What so unique about verdura skin fresh?

Verdura skin fresh offers triple benefits of moisturization, nourishment and exfoliation.Verdura skin fresh is a unique bathing bar enriched with Avocado oil, Almond oil, wheat germ oil along with select herbs which are scientifically proven for therapeutic benefits.

For what conditions is Verdura skin fresh helpful?

Yes. Safety of the products is proven by fibroblast toxicity assay and Zein protein assay

Can this product be used as regular bathing bar by people who don’t have dry skin or Psoriasis?

Verdura skin fresh can be used by everyone as regular bathing bar as this offers emollient and humectant benefits.

Is this bathing bar safe? Is there any studies done regarding the safety of product?

Yes, Verdura skin fresh is absolutely safe to use regularly. The safety of the product is scientifically proven to be safe and non-irritant by skin irritancy and sensitization study done on human volunteers and in-vitro studies.

I have used many anti-scaling and anti-dandruff shampoos. What is unique about Verdura anti-scaling scalp shampoo?

Verdura anti scaling scalp shampoo contains dual anti dandruff agents like Climbazole and Zinc pyrithione which are helpful in psoriasis, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

How long should I use Verdura anti-scaling scalp shampoo?

Verdura anti scaling scalp shampoo can be used as a regular shampoo to keep the hair free from scalp scales and dandruff.

Can I use Verdura anti-scaling scalp shampoo everyday?

Yes, Verdura anti scaling scalp shampoo can be used regularly.

Most anti-dandruff shampoos leave hair dry. Will this shampoo cause dryness?

No, this shampoo will not leave the hair dry. The select conditioners give soft, manageable and tangle free hair.

For what conditions will Verdura mela pro cream be helpful?

Verdura mela pro cream is helpful in enhancing the benefits of Sun and UV therapy in Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Vitamin D deficiency conditions.

What are the usage instructions for Verdura mela pro cream?

Verdura mela pro cream should be applied on required areas and exposed to sun light/ UV light for 5-10 minutes. After sun exposure, treatment products or Verdura cell repair cream/ Verdura melagain cream can be applied over the affected areas.

Is there any scientific studies to prove that Verdura mela pro cream enhances Sun benefit?

Yes, it is scientifically proven to enhance/boost the sun benefit.Ref: How to trap sun for the skin treatment of Vitiligo and Psoriasis. A new concern.Aruna.V, Gayathri Rajagopal. Journal of Applied Cosmetology ,34, 135-140(July- Dec 2016).

For what conditions will Verdura melagain cream be useful?

Verdura melagain cream can be helpful for restoration of skin color in condition like vitiligo and hypo-pigmentary problems.

How does Verdura mela gain cream work?

Verdura melagain cream minimizes and masquerades uneven skin discoloration. It augments intracellular tyrosinase production and its activity and melanin synthesis.

Is it safe for long term use?

Yes, it is safe for long-term use and safety is proven scientifically by Zein protein hydrolysis assay and Fibroblast toxicity assay.

I have used many anti-acne products in the past. What is unique about Verdura anti-acne pack?

Verdura anti acne pack has many unique benefits like

  • Effective inhibition of acne
  • Removal of skin clogging and occlusion,
  • Control of oiliness.
How long should I use the product before getting free from Acne?

A minimum of three to four weeks of usage is recommended for complete clearance of acne.

Is the product comedogenic – ie. Would the product by itself block the pores and cause clogging?

The product is non comedogenic. Does not block or clog the pores.

Can I apply Verdura anti-acne pack overnight and wash off in the morning?

No, Verdura anti acne pack is a wash off product. It can be applied on the whole face covering the pimples and allowed to permeate the skin and dry in ten minutes. It can then be washed off with water.

What is the uniqueness of Verdura intense moisturizing lotion among many lotions available in market?

It is special moisturizing lotion which contains ‘super active complex with trap technology’ which offers sustained moisturisation for a longer time.

Is it useful in severe dry skin conditions?

Yes, it has intense moisturizing property and helpful in extreme dry skin and excessive scaling conditions also.

Can this lotion can be used during day time?

Yes, Verdura intense moisturizing lotion can be used both during day time and night time.

Can this product can be applied on face?

Yes, it can be applied on face. It is non-sticky and non-messy.

What is Hyper pigmentation?

Darkening of an area of skin caused by the overproduction of the skin pigment, melanin. Skin darkening can be caused due to sun exposure.

How Skin brite helps to clear Hyperpigmentation?

Skin Brite is enriched with the goodness of vitamins B3 (Niacin amide), vitamin E, Allantoin and Wheat germ oil which helps to reduce the pigmentation in the skin and brightens the skin tone.

Is it safe to use on all skin types?

The formulation is gentle on skin and suits all skin types.

Will this cream leave the skin dry after use?

Skin Brite cream contains Wheat germ oil and /Niacinamide that restores hydration in skin leaves skin moisturized.

Does this cream protect the skin for UV/Sun rays?

Niacinamide in Skin Brite clears dark spots, acne spots and sun tan. It has anti - ageing property and also protects skin from UV rays. Helps the skin by offering moisturizing property and restores damaged skin.

Can Skin brite cream be used anywhere on our body?

Yes, Skin brite cream can be used in face, neck and other required areas also.