Summer is known as the hottest of the four temperate seasons, occurring after spring and before autumn. This comes with humidity and heat. In this season sun exposure will leads to various kinds of skin damages as follows. Tanning Exposure to sun leads to higher production of melanin as

Dandruff actives in Verdura anti-scaling scalp shampoo

Verdura anti-scaling scalp shampoo is not just a super specialist to fight dandruff but is an expert fighter of dandruff from its origin to clinical manifestation of noticeable proportion. Most of the dandruff solutions available in the market targets largely the microbe that is presumed to play a role in dandruff.  Scaling and at times, […]


Select the right hair products Get to know your hair type i.e., the texture, shape, porosity, and importantly the scalp type. Once when you are well aware of your hair type it will be easier for you to select the right hair type. Select the products in such a way that it does not harm […]


Summer is a beautiful season with warm weather but there comes in lots of skin problems along with the warmth. There are various problems associated with the skin during the summer season and a few are DRYNESS, DEHYDRATION, BURNS, RASHES, etc. Dehydration and Dryness is very common skin problem in summer but they can be soothed […]

Family’s role in Women Health and Well-being

Women play a vital role as Daughter, Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Colleague. A woman not only takes care of the family but helps in the sustainable development of the family and ‘she’ is the key person to bring in a quality life to the family. Women are often expected to take care of and nourish […]

How to choose a best bathing bar during winter

An important step in any skincare routine involves keeping your skin clear of excess dirt and oil. Soap removes dirt and sweat from your body, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Some normal soaps can be too harsh. In this case, a gentle bathing bar can be a better choice for source of hydration. This type […]