Possess anti-oxidant effect as proved by DPPH and NO (nitric oxide) assays


Verdura mela gain cream IC 50 value at 10 mg/ml
Absorbic acid (positive control) IC 50 value at 1.52 mg/ml

Inhibits DPPH with IC 50 value of 10 mg/ml


Test Details % of Nitrate Production
Only LPS (Positive Control) 73
LPS + 50 mg of Verdura mela gain cream 38
Untreated cells 22

Inhibits the production of NO with IC 50 value of 40 mg/ml

Augments intracellular tyrosinase production and its activity.

Intracellular tyrosinase assay

B16F10 melanoma cells treated with Verdura mela gain cream showed increased tyrosinase activity.

Melanogenesis assay

Verdura mela gain cream is as effective as α-MSH (Positive control) in increasing melanogenesis.

Verdura mela gain cream proven to be safe, non-irritant and non cytotoxic.

Zein protein hydrolysis assay

Fibroblast toxicity test- MTT assay

Clinically proven to increase melanin production and sun protection

  • Human volunteers were selected and applied Verdura melagain cream with and without suncreeners.
  • Then skin was exposed to Sunlight. Increase in melanin production and decrease in erythema ( redness of skin on sun exposure) with verdura melagain cream (with sun screeners) was observed. The increase in tanning and erythema was measured by Mexameter.

Dual active technology - Sun protection & Melanogenesis

Dual active technology is essential for vitiligo patients as their skin is vulnerable to sun damage.

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